Research Council

An independent Research Council was responsible to develop a research plan based on the program’s research priorities. The Council provided oversight to the program, and made decisions regarding which research projects to conduct and fund.

2017 Research Council Members:

Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor has a Master of Arts in Sociology. Ms. Taylor has worked primarily in social services and as an educational consultant.  She has served on a variety of boards, including Chair of Women’s Health Clinic, six years on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba Complaints Committee, and nine years as Chair of the License Suspension Appeal Board.

Anastasia Sych-Yereniuk
Anastasia is an inner city school Principal in Winnipeg, who holds a M.Ed degree. She has shared her commitment and passion with schools in Canada, Italy, Brazil and Ukraine. Anastasia has been involved in several research projects, is consulted on matters of leadership, collegiality, equity and diversity education and the infusion of the Arts in everyday education. She is a strong community member who works relentlessly to celebrate children and develop leadership within their communities.

Jamie Wiebe, Ph.D.
Director, Research and Development
Responsible Gambling Council
Dr. Wiebe oversees a variety of initiatives designed to identify and adopt best practices to reduce the incidence of problem gambling. Some of these initiatives include developing independent responsible gambling standards; conducting an annual insight project to examine key responsible gambling issues in detail; and conducting commissioned research and evaluation of prevention programs for various organizations. She has held several research positions at organizations across Canada, including the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, and the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse. 

Kristianne Dechant
Manager, Communications and Research
Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba
Over the past decade, Kristianne has led gambling research initiatives at the organizational, provincial and national levels and has championed the need for rigorous empirical research as a backbone of regulatory policy and responsible gambling initiatives. Kristianne is the chair of the Canadian Consortium for Gambling Research (CCGR). She holds Master of Arts (Sociology) and Master of Business Administration degrees and is a Certified Human Resources Professional.

Dave Grift
Director, Eastern and Central Manitoba Programs 
& Women’s and Family Services
Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
Dave has 20 years’ experience working in the addictions field and is responsible for AFM’s Problem Gambling Services. Dave has worked as an AFM course facilitator and public educator in gambling, and is a certified problem gambling counselor. Dave has been involved in the development and delivery of several gambling awareness and training initiatives in Manitoba. He has worked with a broad range of target groups, and is also involved in the development of problem gambling information and resources for the general public.   

Appointment Vacant
Manitoba Healthy Living and Seniors

Bev Mehmel
Director, Corporate Social Responsibility
Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries
Bev oversees gambling and liquor social responsibility strategy and programs including consumer information, harm minimization, research and evaluation, and funding addiction programs. She also guides the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, aimed at ensuring that the impact of Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries on Manitoba and Manitobans is positive.  Bev is the past chair of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation Canadian Responsible Gambling Group and co-created the onsite casino information center concept and created the foundation for casino, VLT and lottery staff training across Canada.  Bev has a B.A. (Sociology and Business Administration), a Certificate in Adult & Continuing Education, and has completed the Schulich School of Business Executive Program in Strategic Agility.