Exploring the Effects of Mindfulness Practice and Trait Mindfulness on Gambling Symptoms in Women: A Combined Clinical and Community-Based Assessment


Investigators Dr. Tracie O. Afifi, University of Manitoba
Dr. Martin Zack, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH)
Research Priority Examine which types of at-risk and problem gamblers could benefit from various brief interventions.
Funding Small Grant  ($49,999)
Project Status Completed


Project Summary

Factors that contribute to problem gambling (PG) often differ in men vs. women. Depression and gambling to cope with distress are more common in women. Treatments that enhance ‘mindfulness’ can improve depression and substance addiction, and may therefore have benefits for PG. Mindfulness involves non-judgmental attention to one’s thoughts and feelings and is developed through meditation. This project will assess the benefits of mindfulness-enhancement therapy in women with PG. A parallel study will assess the relationship between mindfulness and PG, and possible contributors to this relationship (e.g., childhood maltreatment), in a community sample of women. Results will improve our understanding of the role of mindfulness in women with PG, and indicate whether mindfulness-enhancement therapy can help to promote their recovery.

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