An Exploratory Study Through a Cultural Life Course Perspective: Gambling Among Older Asian People in a Canadian Context


Investigator Dr. Hai Luo, University of Manitoba
Research Priority Investigate how economic, cultural/social, or jurisdictional factors influence gambling behaviour and what the implication may be for preventing and/or reducing gambling-related harm.
Funding Small Grant  ($41,604)
Project Status Completed


Project Summary

This research will apply a mixed methods approach through a cultural life course perspective to examine gambling phenomena among two of the largest cultural minority groups (Filipino and Chinese) of older people in Winnipeg. The qualitative component aims to 1) conceptualize the meaning of gambling and understand the gambling participants’ attitudes about money and their relationships with gambling in a cultural context; 2) describe gambling motives, behavior, and help-seeking patterns through a life course perspective which encompasses personal, historical, cohort, social, and network factors in individuals’ lives. The quantitative component contains an assessment of participants’ levels of involvement in gambling using the Canadian Problem Gambling Severity Index (Ferris & Wynne, 2001), as well as demographic information. Up to 30 gambling participants who are 60 or older from the two cultural groups and up to 10 service providers from both gambling services and help services will be recruited to attend one-on-one interviews. The integration of quantitative data and qualitative data that depict different aspects of older cultural minority gambling participants presents the potential of drawing a relatively fuller picture than that generated by either type of data alone. 


Luo, H. & Ferguson, M. (2017). Gambling among culturally diverse older adults:
          a systematic review of qualitative and quantitative data. International
          Gambling Studies.
doi: 10.1080/14459795.2017.1316415

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