Player Information Needs: Education and Monetary Limit Adherence


Investigators Dr. Michael Wohl, Carleton University
Dr. Diane Santesso, University of Winnipeg
Research Priority Explore ways to meet the information needs of individuals across the range of gambling risk behaviours in order to assist players in making informed decisions.
Funding Focused Research Award ($119,436)
Project Status Completed


Project Summary

There has been an increased emphasis within the gambling industry to encourage and assist players to make well-informed decisions about their gambling behaviour. Unfortunately, there is a paucity of sound empirical research on how to facilitate this end. To fill this knowledge gap, first we will examine whether educating players about how EGMs work (via an education-based animation) during play (i.e., when a pre-set monetary limit is reached) has greater responsible gambling utility than education prior to play. Second, we will manipulate the type of information provided to gamblers once their monetary limit has been reached. Specifically, some players will only be informed that their credit limit has been reached, whereas other players will also be told the credit’s monetary equivalent (i.e., the amount of money lost). In this way, we will increase understanding about the information needs of players and how best to reach them.


Hollingshead, S.J., Amar, M., Santesso, D. & Wohl, M. (2019). When should
          players be taught to gamble responsibly? Timing of educational
          information upregulates responsible gambling intentions. Addiction
          Research & Theory
. doi:10.1080/16066359.2024.1555818. 

Hollingshead, S.J., Wohl, M. & Santesso, D. (2019). Do you read me? Including
          personalized behavioral feedback in pop-up messages does not enhance
          limit adherence among gamblers. Computers in Human Behavior. 94,

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