Online Interventions for Problem Gamblers with and without Co-Occurring Problem Drinking: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Investigators Dr. John Cunningham, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
Dr. David Hodgins, University of Calgary
Dr. Matthew Keough, University of Manitoba
Dr. Christian Hendershot, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
Research Priority Examine the relationship between co-occurring disorders and at-risk/problem gambling, and explore the implications for treatment.
Funding Focused Research Award ($130,000)
Project Status Completed


Project Summary

Problem gambling and problem drinking frequently co-occur. Further, the treatment needs of people with co-occurring gambling and drinking problems may be different from those of problem gamblers who do not drink alcohol in a hazardous fashion. The current project will evaluate whether there is a benefit to providing access to a problem drinking Internet intervention (G+A intervention) in addition to an Internet intervention for problem gambling (G-only intervention) in participants with gambling problems who do or do not have co-occurring problem drinking. The product of this trial will be a website that can be accessed free-of-charge by problem gamblers in Manitoba as well as internationally.  

Link to online treatment intervention program:

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